Nice scrolling not working on Windows Phone

There are many plugins that implement a ”Nice Scrolling” functionality. This means that instead of the regular scrollbars, you will see a thinner one and the keyboard arrow keys can be configured to move the page one screen at a time. While this looks great on desktops and laptops, it is unecessary in mobile devices, that either have this functionality built in the browser or, as is the case of Windows Phone devices, simply cease scrolling altogether.

This is a problem for example in a very popular WordPress theme called Moesia. An easy way to fix it, is to edit hte functions.php and turn off nice scrolling for all mobile devices.

//Find the line that says 'moesia_scroller' in it, and add an AND NOT 
//clause using WordPress's inbuilt wp_is_mobile() function.
//if ( get_theme_mod('moesia_scroller') != 1 )  {

if ( (get_theme_mod('moesia_scroller') != 1) && !wp_is_mobile() ) {

For any other case, you will need to one of the following:

  • disable the offending plugin (look for the word nice and  scroll 😉 )
  • contact the developer of your theme
  • find a similar line as above and fix it yourself
  • ask for help in such forums as Stackoverflow

I found this information at the WordPress support forums.